Kitchen Remodeling Northern Virginia

Project Snapshot:

Kitchen Remodeling Northern VAWhen Lisa Mayr, a contract negotiator, and Francisco Mejia, a bank economist, decided to contact NOX Construction and Development, they had had enough of the small cramped rooms of their 1960’s rambler in McLean, Virginia. Desiring an open floor plan for their two children and family pets, they imagined a multi purpose space that would allow them to entertain friends in style, yet serve them equally well when the family was at home alone. In short, a kitchen remodel, Northern Virginia style!

Enter Jennifer Fuller, lead designer for the NOX team. “The first time I met with the family I knew immediately what the floor plan should look like.” The task was to make the flow of the rooms seem effortless, while providing continuity throughout the kitchen, dining room and family room.
Style cues were drawn from the one of a kind contemporary artwork, displayed prominently throughout the area. A modern mix of shimmering quartz surfaces and espresso cabinetry was proposed and approved.

Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodeling“After evaluating the information we receive from the clients and designers, we assemble the collaborative team that best suits each unique project,” says Bethany Wylie, a project coordinator for NOX’s Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling team.

The phases of the construction process were expertly managed by project leaders. To solve the lack of space conditioning in the existing area, the team installed cork sub flooring underneath the new hardwood. They also added new blown in insulation, which greatly improved the R value of the space. To further condition the area, the design team also devised a seamless AV/fireplace cabinet, complete with custom stainless steel elements.

Architectural details were closely monitored by the kitchen remodeling Northern Virginia design team, such as the execution of plans for turning a structural post into an interesting focal point. “It was exciting to show our creativity and talent for solving structural issues,” says Jennifer Fuller.

The finished project can be summed up in the words of the happy homeowners. “It looks so awesome…this one definitely has to go in your design portfolio!” And so it has.